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Naturopathy for animals

Since 2021 I have been carrying out the three-year Naturopathy training for animal welfare organized by the Fauno Institute. The program of this training is a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary training course, developed according to the criteria established by the main international training schools. Issues concerning the dog, cat and horse are covered. The Naturopath of animal welfare is a professional operator specialized in Bio-natural disciplines that uses complementary techniques of therapy to support the psycho-physical balance and well-being of animal species, providing the body with what it needs to restore the lost balance. 


In 2022 I completed my specialization in flower essences (Bach flowers, Australian flowers and Californian flowers) again through the Fauno Institute . 

How can I help you

Animals have an extremely direct and harmonious relationship with the floral world.

In nature, plants are their first and sometimes only help and they are able to use them not only on a strictly physical level, but also on the subtle planes by interacting with the energetic part of the plant world.

Bach flowers, Australian flowers and Californian flowers certainly represent, in the panorama of energy-type remedies, the most effective tool to support animals in physical, emotional and mental imbalances.

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