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Hawaii litter

On 30.6.2022 a kitten was born.

© Copyright 2020 ArtemisLynx

S'Tekoa d'Eole Coon's

© Copyright 2020 ArtemisLynx

ArtemisLynx Elisabeth

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COI:         2.06%

Top2:        17.2%

Top3:       24.6%

Top5:       32.3%

Clones:    13.3%

Genetic diversity: 39%

Date of birth: 30.06.2022


ArtemisLynx Keola


Brown classic tabby white

n 09 22

stays in cattery

Available: The kitten is looking for a home

Option: The kitten is under observation, but has not yet been reserved. May become available shortly, inquiries are welcome. Please contact us.

Reserved: A deposit has been paid. The kitten has found a new family.

Stay in cattery: The kitten will stay in our cattery.

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