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Breeding is a time consuming process, it is expensive and laborious. The reward is the success of producing healthy and beautiful puppies. I am very interested in genetics and health. The most important criteria for me in my breeding are health, genetic variation and character. For this reason I decided to breed with outcross and new foundation cats.


I follow the PawPeds health plan and test my cats according to the PawPeds health plan as part of an evaluation before I breed them. In addition to this all my cats do an ultrasound scan of the kidneys and are tested for FIV / FELV negative. I want to help increase genetic variation through my breeding. The reason for this is that from biological research we know that high genetic variation increases the survival of the population as a whole, while high consanguinity produces genetic depression, disease and early death.


I regularly follow seminars and courses on health and genetics.   The foundations of longevity and breed health are knowledge of genetics and the use of health programs.



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